Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt demanded a more intensive use of geothermal energy

On 7 August 2012, the ARD television broadcasted an extensive interview with the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in the programme "Menschen bei Maischberger". Besides many other topics, Mrs. Maischberger also asked Helmut Schmidt about the energy turnaround, whereupon he demanded a more intensive use of geothermal energy.

Exact wording:

Maischberger: "The big energy turnaround is not really making any progress. Was the fast nuclear phaseout a mistake?"

Schmidt: "It was at least inconsiderate, particularly with regard to the consequences. Germany does not have its own oil, abandoned coal mining and is now resorting to [gain] energy from wind or water or from the sun. Probably it is high time to make sure if maybe we could gain heat from inside the earth more economically and sustainably in the long term. But these questions have to be addressed to the science and not to a former politician."

The German Geothermal Association expressly welcomes Helmut Schmidt`s position who showed again with this comments that he points out long-term strategic developments and necessities beyond day-to-day business in politics and thus provides a counterpoint to active politicians who primarily think of the reelection - also one of Helmut Schmidt`s comments in this interview.


Source: / ARD-Mediathek (from 58:24)